Company History

Experience and Innovation

First founded in 1975 by Hans Wolf, the family-owned company hawo is now a worldwide market leader in packaging systems. For this, we are included in the "Encyclopedia of German world market leaders", published in 2011 by Deutsche Standards Editionen. Main focus of our work are packaging systems and testing systems for doctors, hospitals as well as for medical and cleanroom technology industries. Today we market our products in over 100 countries and thus make a global contribution to securing medical hygiene and infection control. Alongside medical packaging systems we also develop and produce products for use in the industrial sector as well as for laundries and dry cleaners.

In everything we do, we see ourselves in the position of leader, anticipating future developments and transforming them into innovative products. And as a result, we can offer especially target-orientated support to our customers in their work, as well as being able to solve packaging problems on an individual, case-by-case basis.