Hans Wolf

Company Founder & Chairman

The engineer and business administrator Hans Wolf founded hawo GmbH in 1975. During the past 35 years he has led it to its position as the leading manufacturer of sterile barrier systems for medical packaging. The junction of quality and innovation has been a central component of his corporate philosophy right from the start.

In addition to his position as President and CEO, Hans Wolf is also responsible for entering new markets and for pursuing the strictest quality standards at hawo and throughout the industry.

Hans Wolf has been involved in the worldwide improvement of hygienic standards in hospitals and medical clinics for many years. In Cambodia, Peru, and the Ukraine hawo has donated entire work stations for the packaging of sterile goods and is actively engaged in the training of the staff to help prevent infections in the long term.

Christian Wolf


Christian Wolf is CEO of hawo/Germany and responsible for product development, innovation management and marketing & sales. The German based, family-owned company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sterile barrier systems for medical packaging and active in more than 80 countries worldwide since 1975.

Christian Wolf graduated at the University for Applied Sciences in Cologne in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) and Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts). After professional positions in Singapore and New York he re-joined hawo in 2000.

Next to developing new products that follow highest demands, Christian Wolf is working actively in the development of national and international medical standards and has contributed to enhance and harmonize sterilization packaging standards. He is a permanent member of the committee NA 063-04-04 AA "Sterilgutversorgung" (sterile supply) and German expert at CEN/TC 102/WG 4 "Packaging materials" as well as at ISO/TC 198/WG 7 "Packaging". As an expert in the field of packaging and sterilization he is an often seen guest lecturer on international symposiums and a writer for expert articles.

As a member of the board (since May 2014) of the Sterile Barrier Association (SBA), Christian Wolf actively supports the current campaign „Protecting the Patient“, which puts the patient and its safety in medical treatments into the focus of sterile goods processing.