Award-winning inventiveness at hawo


The Mosbach/Germany-based manufacturer of packaging systems for medical devices wins the “Top 100” seal of quality from mentor Lothar Späth, former Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg.

Warnemünde/Germany, 30 June 2011 – Only creative companies with vision and a feel for new things have made it into the rankings of the 100 most innovative SME companies. hawo joined these rankings in 2011, and has received the "Top 100" seal of quality from Lothar Späth in Warnemünde, the Baltic Sea spa town.

The company's founder, Hans Wolf, knew the importance of innovation even as far back as the 1970s. Today, hawo is the world market leader for the manufacturing of packaging, testing and documentation systems for the medical industry, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and dental surgeries.

“We know that every employee is capable of providing ideas that make the company more innovative. Our goal is to create a climate that encourages creativity", says Christian Wolf, Managing Director of hawo. Employees are also informed and integrated, which makes their work more enjoyable and leads to a common goal: to take the company forward.

Among the most successful innovations currently is the world’s first, fully-validateable instrument packaging device for use in doctors' and dentists' surgeries, known as the ValiPak®. The device was unveiled in March at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. “With the ValiPak®, we have created a product that the market has long been waiting for. It is a compact packaging device combined with technology from the medical packaging industry”, explains Christian Wolf. The strictest safety standards, intuitive operation and the red dot 2011 award for outstanding product design mean that the ValiPak® from hawo sets standards in the industry. The product’s success is closely linked to the rise in demand for professional instrument packaging in doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries.

Over the course of several months, Vienna’s University of Business and Economics examined the innovative behaviour of SME companies in Germany. The innovation process within the company was particularly put under the spotlight. The 100 best, including hawo, can hold the seal of quality for one year. “Creative ideas and a fresh approach to thinking are more than just a means for us to increase sales. The award has made us very proud, and shows us that thinking ahead and doing more is worthwhile”, says Hans Wolf, President & CEO of hawo.

The 100 SME companies that bear the 2011 seal of quality have earned total sales of Euro 11.2 billion in the last year. 769 national and 1,865 international patents have been registered for the first time in 2010 alone. 48 of the 100 companies are the number one in their industry nationwide, and 19 are actually market leaders, including of course hawo (as reported). 88 of the 100 award-winning companies have grown faster in the last three years than the industry average – and this mean growth rate was around 16%.

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