Compliance with documentation and packaging requirements has never been easier: introducing the new ValiDoc system from hawo


Since the successful premier and the international launch of the hawo ValiPak at the International Dental Show (IDS) two years ago, this compact sealing device has proven itself as one of the world's first bar sealers with a validation capability for the seal welding of sterile products in dental practices. The new packaging guideline document ISO/DTS 16775 the idea of process control and requires explicit routine checks of critical process parameters such as temperature and contact pressure.

ValiDoc documentation and packaging system from hawo for medical instruments in dental practices

The updated generation of the hawo ValiPak sealing device now comes with an optional connection for the new ValiPrint label printer. Together both devices make up the new documentation and packaging system ValiDoc from hawo.

The ValiPrint printer is connected directly to the ValiPak interface and prints information such as batch number, sterilisation date, expiry date as well as the name of the packager together with the information whether or not the seal was OK on a separate label that can be placed directly on the packaging. The name of the employee, the respective batch number as well as various sterile material storage periods can be scanned via a connected barcode reader and added to the label. In addition, the label also provides all information as an HIBC code (health industry barcode) so that the data can be added to electronic batch documentation systems later on. The label is equipped with a steam indicator as per ISO 11140-1 (Class 1) and turns from pink to brown when sterilisation is successful. You can now read from a single label whether or not the seal parameters are OK and sterilisation was successful.

These so-called "sandwich labels" can be easily removed from the packaging after instruments have been used and placed on to a documentation sheet in the patient's file. When using electronic medical records, packages opened during treatment can be uniquely assigned and documented for the respective treatment by reading the HIBC code.

"We want to provide dentist practices with safe, cost-effective and easy-to-use work equipment. That's why we developed a completely new type of packaging and documentation concept with the ValiDoc, one that meets the highest safety standards as well as all requirements of the current RKI recommendation and the new Patient's Rights Law," says Christian Wolf, CEO of hawo.

Seamless documentation of the packaging and sterilisation process is guaranteed via a manual or computer-supported transfer of the relevant information to the patient's file.

hawo will be presenting the new ValiDoc documentation and packaging system at IDS 2013 (stand S036/hall 10.2) from 12-16 March 2013.