ht 150 SCD

Testing device for the ascertainment of the seal seam resistance for sealable pouches and reels (SBS)

ht 150 SCD

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ht 150 SCD

For determining seal strength as per EN 868-5:2009 AND ASTM F88.

The Performance Qualification (PQ) carried out as part of the initial validation and for revalidation requires determination of the seal strength. Seal samples can be created precisely at the required width of 15 mm using the integrated sample cutter (ht 150 SCD). These are then clamped into the testing machine and peeled at a monitored speed of 200 mm/min. The strength curve is recor- ded. The supplied software is used to draw up test reports.


  • ht 150 SCD: Compatible with all hawo sealing devices
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ht 150 SCD