For rotary sealers with integrated printing, the information relevant to the packaging can be printed directly and clearly on the sterile goods packaging. It is important that this information is also displayed in full. Rotary sealers with patented FontMatic technology automatically recognise the width of the sealing material and adjust the font size to the available space. Printing over the edges is a thing of the past.

hawo rotary sealers mit FontMatic

hm 780 DC
hm 780 DC-V
hm 880 DC-V NEW
hm 3010 DC-V / hm 3010 DC-VI
hm 3020 DC-V
hm 3011 DE-V
(Sondergerät für CLEERPEEL®-folie)
hpl 3000 DC-V

CLEERPEEL® is a registered trade mark of Sengewald Klinikprodukte GmbH.