Easy-operation Sealing Equipment

Easy-operation Sealing Equipment

The latest version of hawo’s rotary sealing devices can be operated fully using a barcode scanner, making them even easier to use, and consequently configured for various packaging materials. The hm 780 BR-plus or hm 780-BR-USB scanner read in the custom specified packaging information and assigns it automatically to the appropriate device function.

hawo IntelligentScan Pro

The hm 780 BR-Pro hawo IntelligentScan Pro barcode scanner is equiped with color display and keypad. All packaging and personal information which are relevant for the packaging process are displayed on the integrated display and the sealing device can be configured directly via barcode scanner.

The key to this extra safety is the hs 780 BR PC software included with the optional scanner. In just one operation, all device configurations, printer data and entire printer configurations for the individual packaging materials can be entered centrally and output as a barcode list on a standard printer.

Simple and secure packaging in 3 steps:

  1. Create the barcode lists for configuring the sealing devices using the hs 780 BR software. Print out the barcode list on a standard printer.
  2. Read in the barcodes using the barcode scanner to program the sealing device.
  3. Start the sealing process by inserting the sterile product packaging. The device automatically prints the pre-set information on the sterile product packaging while the packaging is being sealed.

hawo rotary sealer with hawo IntelligentScan:

hm 950 DC-V/VI NanoPak
hv 300 K-V MediVac
hm 780 DC
hm 780 DC-V
hm 880 DC-V NEU
hm 3010 DC-V / hm 3010 DC-VI
hm 3020 DC-V
hm 3011 DE-V
(Special device for CLEERPEEL® film)
hpl 3000 DC-V

hawo rotary sealer with hawo IntelligentScan Pro:

hm 780 DC
hm 780 DC-V

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