hm 300 BMS
hm 500 BMS 


hawo hm 300/500 BMS

The machines hm 300 BMS and hm 500 BMS do not only serve for sealing protective packaging in combination with a sterile barrier system, but also for protecting packaging of sanitised goods from recontamination. 

The standard DIN EN ISO 11607-1 defines a packaging system as a combination of a sterile barrier system and a protective packaging. The protective packaging serves the purpose of avoiding damage to the sterile barrier system and its content, as e. g. for protection from dust. A simply sealed plastic packaging is sufficient to fulfil protection requirements.

In order to avoid any confusion, it is recommendable not to pack sanitised goods into sterile barrier systems, but only in suitable plastic packaging, as e. g. sealed plastic bags


  • Safe because once bags have been opened they cannot be re-sealed
  • Economical due to use of tubular film (every type of thermoplastic film)
  • Flexible – you can select any film length
  • No warm-up time (impulse welding procedure)
  • Constant contact pressure (reproducible results)