hp 500 TM

The hawo table top unit hp 500 TM is the ideal packaging solution for flat products (e.g. shirts, T-shirts, ties and small textiles). With its compact dimensions, the system can easily fit onto any counter in dry cleaners and laundries. The easy handling ensures a quick packing process. 

  • No heating time, ready for immediate use.
  • No additional cutting process necessary (integrated cutting wire seals and cuts at the same time).
  • Infinitely variable sealing time interval, acoustic sealing time indicator.
  • Up to 15 m / 600 inch of film can be loaded.
  • Easy loading due to funnel technology.
  • Especially suitable for PE films.


hp 500 TM as table-top unit or with
optional tripod hp 501 ST



Examples of use:
Packaging of all flat or folded products (e.g. shirts, T-shirts), table and bed linen, as well as small items (e.g. ties, breast pocket handkerchiefs, underwear and socks).

hp 500 TM



    The easy handling ensures a quick packing process. The funnel on the machine is filled with film. The packaging process uses the tunnel technique where the so-called detachable seam seals and separates in one step.