hp 630 KST-BS/KST-P-BS

Especially during the transportation and the storage of high–value garments reliable all-round protection is of the utmost importance. In order to offer comprehensive transport protection the basic model of the standing system of the hp 630 series can be enhanced with an adaptable floor sealing unit.

The packaging is sealed at the top and bottom in just one step. The floor sealing unit has an additional second lever and offers the highest comfort of operation for all users. Soiling through articles falling to the ground or through slippage of the film can be avoided.

Additional second lever
offers the highest comfort
of operation



Examples of use:
Packaging of clothing on hangers that has to be sealed all the way around (e.g. clothing industry, sample collections, transport companies, dry cleaner, mail-order businesses, airlines).

hp 630 KST-BS/KST-P-BS



    The optional pneumatic two-handed operation adds to the ease of use especially when the system is in continuous use, as is the case at big industrial drycleaners or the textile industry. The work stations comply with EN 574.

    For customers with a high workload and fast product flow hawo offers a pulling pneumatic version for each model. The machines are no longer operated with a manual pulling motion, but can be operated comfortably by pushing a button at elbow height. The two-handed control complies with all aspects of work safety regulations according to EN 574.

    two-handed operation



    The systems are supplied with a standard slanted sealing line that conforms perfectly to the shape of a normal coat hanger. If required we can also deliver the system with a straight horizontal seam (e.g. for trouser hangers or clamp hangers)