hpl 520 STT/STS

The band sealing machine hpl 520 STT/STS is perfectly suited for sealing coated carton tabs (headers) to all kind of plastic bags, for closing coated paper- and aluminium bags and all kind of sealable packaging material. The high sealing speed of 7.5 m/min (295 inch/min), the exactly adjustable sealing temperature and a sealing seam width of 12 mm (0.47 inch) ensure a constantly high quality of the sealing results even for very high packaging quantities. 

The feed-rail with the adjustable bag support makes the insertion of the bags very easy and guarantees a secure guiding of the product. The bags and stand-up pouches are inserted in an upright position so that the contained product always stays in the requested position.

hawo Standing unit hpl 520 STS

Standing unit
hpl 520 STS



Examples of use:
Bakeries, food products, tea- and coffee packaging, animal food, all kinds of industrial products, trade products in retail and wholesale.