Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are mainly used in the medical sector, such as doctors' surgeries, clinics or in nursing. Wearing them in everyday life can also fulfil official regulations. The mask is made of non-woven fabric and filter cloth. It has a flexible nose clip and an ear hook. Wearing the masks area-wide can prevent the spread of saliva or breath droplets of the wearer and thus the spread of the coronavirus.

Surgical masks
  • Dimensional cut: Fits facial lines
  • Adjustable nose clip: To fit the bridge of the nose
  • Cotton ear hook: Comfortable to wear, high bounce
  • Skin care fabric: Soft against skin, breathable and light
  • CE-marked: For safe use
  • 3 Layer mix:
    1. Nonvoven prevents droplets from entering the mask
    2. Meltblown with a barrier rate of 5 μm, particles > 90 %
    3. Nonvoven absorbs moisture close to mouth and nose



Note: We only deliver to the European internal market.


Surgical Masks


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