ValiPrint und ValiPrint USB

Clear information at a glance: this is the task of the new ValiPrint label printer by hawo. Together with the handy “sandwich”-labels, it ensures the legally compliant and also informative labelling of the instrument.

This is because all of the previously scanned and processed information is output on the label and stuck onto the packaging. The integrated process indicator (ISO 11140-1, class 1) indicates whether the packaged instrument has been steam-sterilised or not (pink = not sterilised / brown = sterilised). Instrumental preparation ends with the documented approval of the medical product for use. The label provides space for this approval after sterilisation.

The ValiPrint chain printer is available with R232 (ValiPrint) or with USB connection (ValiPrint USB).


Note: For certification authorized persons are to be appointed in written form.