Bar Sealers

  • Balkensiegelgeräte hd 480 WSI-V ValiPak TOUCH

    hd 480 WSI-V ValiPak TOUCH

    The validatable, permanently heated compact sealing device hd 480 WSI-V ValiPak TOUCH is the first device from hawo that guides you step by step through the functional evaluation on a 4.3-inch touchscreen.

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  • Bar sealer hd 380 WSI-V ValiPak

    hd 380 WSI-V ValiPak

    The sealing device hd 380 WSI-V ValiPak is the most compact device of hawo fulfilling the requirements of the process validation according to ISO 11607-2.

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  • Bar sealer hd 320 MS

    hd 320 MS

    The hd 320 MS bar sealer with digital display is used in the manual sealing of pouches and reels in doctors’ and dentists’ practices.

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  • bar sealers hd 310 WS and hd 510 WS

    hd 310 WS
    hd 510 WS

    The permanently heated beam sealers hd 310 WS and hd 510 WS are used for manual sealing of sealable pouches and reels in doctors' and dentists' surgeries.

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  • hawo hm 460/660 AS-V

    hm 460 AS-V
    hm 660 AS-V

    The validatable hm 460 / 660 AS-V impulse sealing devices are used for sealing sealable pouches and tubes (SPS).

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  • hd 260 MS hd 270/470 MS

    hd 260 MS
    hd 270/470 MS

    Impulse sealers for sealing transparent bags and tubes in doctors' and dentists' surgeries as well as tattoo and piercing studios.

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