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hp 630 KST/KW
hp 630 KST-P/KW-P


hawo hp 630-KST-KW Organix compatible

The standard system hp 630 KST and the wall-mounted system hp 630 KW are our basic models for the individual and hygienic wrapping of hanging clothing.

The length of the film can be precisely tailored to the packaged garment. Hence packaging that is too short or too long is a thing of the past. Air can circulate easily within the packaging.

  • No heating time, ready for immediate use.
  • No additional cutting process necessary (integrated cutting wire seals and cuts at the same time).
  • Infinitely variable sealing time interval, acoustic sealing time indicator (can be switched off).
  • Especially suitable for polymeric materials as well as compostable and biodegradable materials such as ORGANIXtex.*


* When using ORGANIXtex, conversion kit 1.615.020 is recommended.

Standing System
hp 630 KST



Examples of use:
Packaging on hanger of all types (e.g. dry cleaner, hotel, spa, mail –order business, care home, airline, costume hire).

hp 630 KST/KW
hp 630 KST-P/KW-P



    The packing machine can be supplied with integrated height adjustment on request, allowing better adaptation of the floor unit to your local circumstances and the individual requirements of the operator. 

    During the development phase, the human-machine interface was optimised, making it extremely user-friendly, even when it is in constant use. Briefly push the lever and the machine will hold the sealing pressure until the end of the packaging process. The sealing results are consistent and produce identical results every time because they cannot be influenced by the operator.



    Optionally, the packaging machine can be equipped with the preparatory suction module hp 630 KE. After connection to a suction device, fumes arising during welding are limited and working with the machine becomes even safer.


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hp 630 KST/KWhp 630 KST-P/KW-P