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hp 630 WS

Organix compatible

The hawo L-sealer hp 630 WS designed for professional applications, is suitable for continuous use and guarantees optimum lock safety. The variable table with height and depth adjustment allows you to adapt the size of the packaging to the different product sizes without changing the film roll (from approx. 15 x 15 to 60 x 60 cm / 6 x 6 to 23 x 23 inch).

  • No heating time, ready for immediate use.
  • No additional cutting process necessary (integrated cutting wire seals and cuts at the same time).
  • Infinitely variable sealing time interval and automatic opening of the frame at the end of the packaging process through magnets.
  • Especially suitable for PE films as well as compostable and biodegradable materials such as ORGANIXtex.

Height and depth adjustment
for different product sizes.



Examples of use:
Packaging of all types of clothing (e.g. clothing industry, general industry, transport companies, dry cleaners, mail-order businesses, airlines).

hp 630 WS



    After the frame has been closed the machine will hold the sealing pressure until the end of the packaging process. The sealing results are consistent and produce identical results every time because they cannot be influenced by the operator. At the end of the packaging process the frame will open automatically. This optimised human-machine interface allows the operator to prepare the next item to be packaged on the integrated workspace while the unit is sealing.



    Optionally, the packaging machine can be equipped with the preparatory suction module hp 630 WE. After connection to a suction device, fumes arising during welding are limited and working with the machine becomes even safer.


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hp 630 WS