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We have developed a series of technologies that can process packaging-related information automatically, making the use and operation of our products as safe and straightforward as possible for their users. The functional logos shown allow us to demonstrate quickly which sealing device and system contains which hawo technology. 

  • ProTrack

    ProTrack is a holistic monitoring of the sealing process across the entire seam width. An optional technology for the highest demands. For each sealing seam, the temperature, contact pressure and speed are monitored and recorded on an USB stick. The innovative technology can record up to 1,000 measured values within one seam.

  • TraceLog

    The new hawo TraceLog technology is the logbook function of the NanoPak sealing device. Actions of the switched-on device are recorded and can be viewed if required. The DataMatic function is automatically activated by a connected USB stick. When the date is changed or the unit is switched off, the logbook data is automatically copied and can then be viewed in a spreadsheet program. All actions such as performed tests (SealCheck, Inktest, Peeltest), the login and logoff of an operator, the selected packing lists, the performed instrument configurations, performed maintenance dates and much more are recorded.

  • AppCtrl

    Using hawo’s unique control apps, all device and programming functions can be called up directly. Thanks to AppCtrl, operation and communication become child‘s play.

  • ValiUp

    ValiUp is a new built-in feature for determining the optimum sealing temperature as part of process validation. This innovative tool is precisely aligned to the specified procedure in the international guidance for the validation of packaging processes, as well as the new international guidance CEN ISO/TS 16775: ”Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices - Guidance for the use of ISO 11607-1 and ISO 11607-2“. The function is already available in many sealing devices and is being systematically rolled out to others.

  • FontMatic

    In rotary sealers with integrated printing, the packaging-relevant information can be printed directly and clearly on the sterile goods packaging. It is important that this information is also displayed in full. Rotary sealers with patented FontMatic technology automatically recognise the width of the sealing material and adjust the font size to the available space. Printing over the edges is a thing of the past. This technology is available in devices hm 780 DC/DC-V, hm 880 DC-V and hm 3010/3020 DC-V.

  • DataMatic

    With DataMatic, all process data can be saved to a USB stick, and transferred to an independent computer for further data processing. This function is already available in many sealing devices and in the VeriDoc and ValiDoc PRO systems as well as in hd 480 WSI-V and NanoPak.

  • IntelligentScan

    With hawo IntelligentScan technology, all of the device configurations required for all kinds of packaging materials, printing and staff data, as well as entire printing sequences, can be entered via the PC software. With the barcode scanner, the hawo IntelligentScan technology automatically assigns the scanned-in barcodes to the device functions. These can then be printed directly on the sterile product packaging if required.

  • SealPeak

    hawo SealPeak sealing seams are 12 mm wide flat seams that have a barrier with excellent stability in their centre - known as the SealPeak. The seal stability increases constantly from the outsides towards the SealPeak. These soft edges have the advantage that instruments do not break out at the edges, but instead press gently into the seam and are caught by the SealPeak in the centre. SealPeak sealing seams also have excellent peeling properties without paper shredding, even if the user peels the pack open in the wrong direction. Thanks to the tried-and-tested hawoflex sealing technology, SealPeak sealing seams are also ideal for uncoated Tyvek® and polyolefin packagings.

  • SizeMatic

    Thanks to this innovative technology, sterilisation pouches that are too long or too short are a thing of the past, since the optional scanner and SizeMatic scale allow the length of an instrument, followed by the required number of pouches, to be scanned in. The ideal pouch length is then calculated automatically. SizeMatic also takes into account all of the safety distances required by applicable standards. This function is only available in the automatic pouch production device hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut.

  • GreenTek

    Environmental protection and sustainability are not an end in themselves. With GENERATION EASY we are consistently focusing on resource-efficient design. In addition, more and more hawo rotary sealers are using a totally new kind of sealing technology which, first of all, largely negates the need for PTFE wear parts and also requires only a fraction of the energy of comparable devices. The stand-by function and automatic shut-down when not in use complete the hawo‘s GreenTek concept. All this is achieved without compromising the quality of the sealing results.