For us it is imperative that our sealing devices always fulfil their requirements, even years after their first use. Professional maintenance and service (ServiSeal), regular calibration of the critical parameters (CaliSeal), and the performance of comprehensive initial and revalidation (ValiSeal) are important requirements for this. Therefore we and our authorized partners world wide offer our customers a wide range of supporting services – even on-site.

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For all hawo sealing devices we or our qualified global service partners offer ServiSeal, a professional maintenance service. During ServiSeal, the sealing systems are cleaned, worn parts are replaced and then the functionality is tested. Sealing devices whose processes have been validated should be recalibrated before each revalidation. 

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With CaliSeal we offer a comprehensive calibration service for correctly setting all the relevant parameters (e.g. sealing temperature). The permissible tolerances determined during calibration are documented in a calibration certificate. hawo sealing devices with ‘V’ are supplied calibrated. The sealing process can thus be validated directly. Also for annual revalidation, calibration (CaliSeal) should be carried out before validation. 

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As part of ValiSeal the initial validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) is carried out locally (e.g. in the CSSD3) according to the requirements of ISO 11607-2. Finally, the customer receives complete validation documentation – also according to ISO 11607-2. If the packing process has already been validated, only an annual revalidation is needed. This usually only involves Performance Qualification (PQ) which is documented in the validation documentation.

The validation of the sealing process is needed to evaluate and establish the optimum sealing temperature of the sealing material used. At this temperature, the process then has to deliver optimum seal seams that are strong enough and peelable. For validation, sealing devices that fulfil the ISO 11607-2 standard. At hawo, all sealing devices with a ‘V’ (e.g. hm 780 DC-V) fulfil these requirements. These sealing devices are supplied with a declaration of conformity to ISO 11607-2. For older sealing systems (e.g. hm 850 DC-V or hm 2010 / 2020 DC-V) a declaration of conformity can be provided on request. 


Our services can be carried out on your premises or at our premises. We will be happy to provide you with a loan device. Here you can contact us or get advice from the hawo service team:

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