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hpl ISZ
Impulse Sealing Tong.

hpl ISZ Organix compatible

The hpl ISZ impulse sealing tongs seal any type of thermoplastic plastic film and aluminium laminate film as well as compostable and biodegradable materials such as ORGANIXprotect. The sealing time can be easily adjusted on the “W.I.N.G” impulse power pack which can be set up separately. Thanks to the impulse process, the device is very cost-effective since it only draws power when it is being used (hawo GreenTek).

A 3 mm (0.12 inch) wide sealing seam and constant temperature distribution over both sealing bars ensure a fast and reliable sealing process. The sealing impulse is generated automatically once the tongs are closed and switches off automatically once the sealing time is reached.

An optionally available table clamp means that the tongs can also be used as a static table model. The tongs are available in bar widths of 300, 450 and 630 mm (12, 18 and 25 inches).

Sealing tong hpl ISZ
with table clamp



Examples of use:
Sealing of large products (machinery, components, etc.) as well as spare parts shipping in all industries, industrial products, office requirements, foods, photostatic agents, transport packaging for medical products, laboratory products, commercial products in the wholesale or retail sector, animal nutrition, textiles, dust cover production.

hpl ISZ

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hpl ISZ