Band Sealers

  • hpl 3000 DC-V

    hpl 3000 DC-V

    The microprocessor-controlled rotary welding and sealing device with touchscreen hpl 3000 DC-V is suitable for professional use in the medical and industrial sectors.

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  • hawo hpl 500 D/D-V

    hpl 500 D/D-V

    Packaging with the hpl 500 D/D-V offers maximum protection for the packaged item during transport and storage and complies with the strictest safety standards.

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  • hawo hpl 520 STT/STS

    hpl 520 STT/STS

    The band sealing machine is perfectly suited for sealing coated carton tabs (headers) to all kind of plastic bags, for closing coated paper- and aluminium bags and all kind of sealable packaging material.

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