hawo InkTest

hawo InkTest

hawo InkTest ASTM F1929

The hawo InkTest is a new classic ink test for the routine testing of sealing seams as per ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929. It’s the ideal testing system for packaging system performance testing according EN ISO 11607-1 (6.3). To perform the test, a special test fluid is dispensed into the bag using a pipette. Any irregularities that occur (e.g. channels) are immediately visible. Thanks to the handy pipette, sealing seams can be checked from both sides. The hawo InkTest comes in a 75 ml bottle with the pipettes and a drip container.

  • Fast, safe and easy to use
  • Valid results within 20 seconds

hawo InkTest ASTM F3039-15

While the traditional ASTM F1929 ink test is used for porous packaging materials, the ASTM F3039 is intended for non-porous packaging materials.


Not for sale in the EU: Product contains Triton X and is therefore banned in the European Union since 4.1.2021 (see Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation). ASTM F1929 is currently under revision to replace Triton X-100.


hawo InkTest


  • Reference card for interpreting hawo InkTest results.

    PDF (177 kb)

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hawo InkTest