hawo InkTest PRO EU

hawo InkTest PRO EU

The hawo InkTest PRO EU is a new 4-sides Triton-X free ink test. Most ink tests contain the surfactant Triton-X, which has already been banned in the EU. InkTest PRO EU ensures the required functions by means of an equivalent substance. The routine testing of the seal seam integrity  in accordance with ISO 11607-1 can be carried out as reliably and conveniently as usual. Any irregularities that may occur (e.g. channels) become visible immediately after squeezing on the disposable cartridge. No further auxiliary equipment such as pipettes is required for the tests. In addition, there is no risk of the test liquid dripping or spilling onto other objects at your workplace or onto your clothing and skin.

The hawo InkTest PRO EU comes in a specially designed package (30 pieces) for ease of use, and the aluminum packaging ensures that the ink is protected from sunlight.


Procedure hawo InkTest PRO

Fast, safe and easy to use

hawo InkTest PRO EU


  • Reference map for the interpretation of hawo InkTest PRO EU results.

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hawo InkTest PRO EU