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hpl 1500 MS
Hygienically protected.

The impulse large-scale sealers hpl 1500 MS seal any type of thermoplastic film up to a thickness of 4 x 0.15 mm (4 x 0,006 inch) gusseted and are therefore ideal for large dust covers (e.g. for mattresses).

hpl 1500 MS
ideal for mattresses



The sealing time can be easily adjusted on the “W.I.N.G” impulse power pack which can be set up separately. An integrated cutting device allows the film length to be easily adjusted to the product being packaged. Thanks to the impulse process, the device is very cost-effective since it only draws power when it is being used (hawo GreenTek). A 3 mm (0.12 inch) wide sealing seam, constant contact pressure using two precision cams and even temperature distribution over the entire width ensure a fast and reliable sealing process. Simple operation is effected by repositioning one of the two process levers. Once the sealing time has been reached, the sealing process stops automatically.




Examples of use:
Production of pallet dust covers made from thermoplastic films for products of all kinds, packaging of large volume products (e.g. mattresses, textiles).


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hpl 1500 MS